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About Us

We connect digital media with the value of human experience

Voro team members

Our Vision

Improve the digital marketing world by putting humans first

As digital marketers, we recognize the need for a new approach to media – one that leverages the advancements in digital technology with the power of humanity. We believe this approach will benefit both our partners and our employees.

With a focus on authentic and meaningful interaction – our strategy, approach, and execution are designed to establish strong connections between brand and community.

Our Process

We rely on the integrity of teamwork, collective knowledge, and transparency to define and achieve success

Optimization is part of our DNA, and creatively solving problems to drive growth requires an open-mind willing to embrace new ideas, tools, and behaviors. We value our partnerships and work to cultivate them by creating an environment promoting collaboration around shared values and common goals.

Breaking down our process

  • Gain Insight

    Every client has unique needs and culture. We determine if we’re the right fit and what we can accomplish together by discussing the challenges, requirements, and limitations of a project and determining what success looks like.

  • Define Scope

    Time to nail down the nuances by establishing clear objectives, goals, expectations, budget, and timeline. We need to know who is involved and agree upon roles and responsibilities.

  • Build Strategy

    As strategic partners, we conduct audits of your current efforts, competitive analysis, customer research, and audience mapping to build a cohesive strategy.

  • Establish Measurement Plan

    We leverage data and plan strategically to ensure success, drive decisions, inform business intelligence, and develop solutions focused on the metrics that mean the most to your bottom line.

  • Implement & Launch

    It’s time to go live. We work closely with our clients on launch and on-going management to ensure we’re always on the same page and we’re always one step ahead of the game.

  • Optimize & Test

    After a campaign goes live, some of the most important work begins. Continued testing and optimization are vital to the success of any project. We are constantly evaluating, surfacing new insights, and learning to improve strategy and drive greater results.

  • Review & Forecast

    We approach every project with a holistic strategy for continued evolution and optimization. Staying on top of things is key when working to sustain positive impact while setting the stage for future success.

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Meet the Team

With us, your digital media needs are in good hands

  • Marissa Ausmus

    Project Manager
  • Jack Baker

    Paid Media Manager
  • Brittany Billings

    Paid Media Director
  • Addie Borchert

    Sr. Paid Media Planner
  • Megan Dabruzzi

    Staff Accountant
  • Isaiah Essenburg

    SEO Manager
  • Chris Fowler

    VP of Digital Media
  • Chris Gauron

    Partner / CEO
  • Charley Gray

    Sr. Paid Media Manager
  • Laura Jennings

    Paid Media Analyst
  • Abel Johnson

    Sr. SEO Manager
  • Cherie Manake

    SEO Analyst
  • Callum Moir

    Project Accountant
  • Matt O’Laughlin

    Partner / COO
  • Anthony Perez

    Sr. Paid Media Manager
  • Shannon Peterson

    Sr. Paid Media Planner
  • Micah Prior

    Paid Media Analyst
  • Sophie Roux

    Paid Media Planner
  • Jared Sebesta

    Sr. Operations Manager
  • Josh Servais

    Paid Media Manager
  • Olivia Schmitz

    Paid Media Analyst
  • Charlie Wiese

    Paid Media Analyst
  • Lue Yang

    Paid Media Analyst