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Is your agency’s account team adding value or slowing you down?

If you’ve ever had to funnel your questions through an account person at your digital marketing agency, you know it can lead to frustration and delays. You might not realize it can also hurt your ROI. See how Voro does it differently.

If you ask a brand like Thrivent Financial or UMB Bank what they like about working with Voro, their digital marketing agency, you might hear a range of answers, but you definitely won’t hear them say, “Boy, do we love our account team.”

To be fair, you’d probably never hear that from anyone, but especially not at Voro—because Voro doesn’t have account managers, and there’s a good reason for that.

“When we founded Voro, we wanted to remove as many obstacles as possible between our clients and the people doing the work,” says Matt O’Laughlin, partner & COO at Voro.

Work directly with the experts.

Most of the digital marketing professionals at Voro have personally experienced the frustration of having to work through an account team, at previous agencies. “We’d do really skilled work and then watch as critical context would go missing from client communications,” says Matt. “It was frustrating for us, and it was hurting the clients.”

That’s why, at Voro, there are no account managers to be found.

“We’re experts at what we do, and we do our best work when we have direct communication with our clients,” says Brittany Baker, Voro’s paid media director. “To produce quality results, all of us on the team need to understand the full story.”

Less frustration, better ROI.

There are many benefits to working directly with the team (sans account manager), according to Voro. Here are a few:

  • Nothing is lost in translation.
    This is by far the biggest advantage. With no account manager in the middle, there are no communication gaps, and there’s a lot less opportunity for misunderstanding and miscommunication. “From retrospectives to strategic planning, you’re always in the room with our experts,” says Matt.
  • You’ll get better results.
    “Those of us doing the work need to fully understand the tensions our clients are facing,” says Brittany. “We need to understand the scope and constraints of the project and we need to know what success looks like for our client—and we need to hear this first-hand. When we do, we can meet their goals more effectively.”
  • You’ll gain valuable collaboration. 
    “Being involved in a project from the start means we can have strategic discussions with our clients on the spot, in real-time,” says Brittany.
  • You’ll have better ROI.
    Again, with no one in the middle, your projects progress more quickly and you’ll have smarter strategies. Opportunities for optimization are more easily spotted and more quickly implemented.

“We’re experts at what we do, and we do our best work when we have direct communication with our clients.”

Brittany Baker
Paid Media Director

Get a well-trained team of communicators.

Voro doesn’t leave communication to chance. “We over-invest in communication training for our entire team,” says Matt. “Relationships are at the core of our work, regardless of title, so investing in each team member’s ability to build and foster relationships makes work better, and allows us to make better work for our amazing clients.”

“For us, honestly, it’s more satisfying,” says Brittany, about working without an account department. “We like to deliver unexpected value, and we love seeing our clients succeed.”

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