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Physicians Mutual

“Voro doesn’t push for growth for the wrong reasons.”

When she first started building digital campaigns for Physicians Mutual’s pet and dental insurance plans, marketing pro Tori Reavis knew she needed a smart agency partner. Voro’s strategic approach stood out. “Voro doesn’t push for growth for the wrong reasons,” she says.

See why Tori chose Voro—and watch her video.

Any business that’s been around as long as Physicians Mutual, which was founded in 1902, has learned to find good partners along the way. So when they wanted to expand their digital marketing for their pet and dental insurance plans, they started looking for an expert partner to lead the way.

“We didn’t have anyone on our team with the expertise to successfully grow our online presence without the help of an agency,” says Tori Reavis, who oversees demand-generation leads campaigns at Physicians Mutual. “We did evaluate some other options, but Voro came to the top almost immediately.”

Watch this quick video to hear Tori share the results she’s achieved with Voro.

Voro was different.

From the first meeting on, Tori appreciated that the Voro team provided clear, smart answers and helpful direction. “They were great at listening to what our growth goals are, as well as staying in those KPIs,” she says.

She also noticed that Voro’s approach was different from other agencies.

“They weren’t just offering up campaigns to have campaigns,” she says. Voro was making strategic recommendations, even when that meant they’d be billing less. And, she adds, “Their recommendations are sound.”

“Voro doesn’t push for growth for the wrong reasons. That’s one thing that’s been super helpful for our team. Voro understands what campaigns need to be launched to be more successful.”

Tori Reavis
Physicians Mutual

Clear direction led to fast impact.

She credits Voro for helping her and her team get up to speed quickly, launching their first campaign together within just six weeks.

“They were very clear in the expectations of what we needed to give them to make our campaign launch successful,” says Tori. “They put things into a very easy-to-understand build book, and—for someone who is new to the space—that was really appreciated on our end, because we knew what was going to happen.”

At the start of their partnership, Tori asked Voro to launch branded and non-branded search campaigns. When those went well, Voro helped expand the campaigns to YouTube and, later, to social media as well.

“We saw the results.”

“Working with Voro we’ve been able to expand our online presence,” says Tori, “which wouldn’t be done in-house as effectively. They’re in the weeds doing that analysis that gives us on my team more time to be strategic.”

“We saw the results,” she adds. “We had data-driven results with the analytical tools—between the publishers and their analytical tool that they provide. And it was simple.”


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