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5IVE & LifeSource

How choosing a smart digital agency helped this ad exec increase engagement

When Boriana Strzok, founder of 5IVE, asked Voro to dig for insights in her marketing data, they uncovered something no one expected.

See what Voro revealed—and why they’re her trusted partner.

If there’s one word to describe Boriana Strzok and her social-impact creative agency, 5IVE, that word would not be predictable. It’s something more like boundary-pushing or purposeful. She expects nothing less from her strategic partners. If she and her team are only getting transactional service or pat answers, she’ll move on.

Which is why she works with Voro.

“I was impressed.”

Boriana’s firm works with cause-driven brands like LifeSource, a nonprofit organ-donation organization, creating fresh-faced digital campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. 

But, after two years of traditional paid advertising and search on LifeSource campaigns, Boriana knew there was more to be explored. She and her team wondered if the data and insights from those two years of marketing could potentially indicate a better approach, and she needed a digital agency partner who would dig in.

They selected Voro, and soon they uncovered insights no one was expecting. 

“I was impressed when Voro came to us and said, ‘Okay, we looked at all the results, and we can see that there are two new audiences that seem to be identified by Google,” Boriana recalls. “Those are: new parents and outdoorsy people. And our client and our team were like, ‘Wait, what?’”

No one would have guessed that people with new babies or folks who love fresh air would be so interested in the topic of organ donation, but Voro had the data to prove it, and 5IVE adjusted their campaigns accordingly.

“The team at Voro is so smart.”

“This aspect of business intelligence, and being able to interpret data to inform decisions is extremely valuable,” says Boriana.

“Platforms change constantly,” she says, “and digital campaigns are extremely dynamic—so you have to constantly optimize and adjust to how the algorithms are prioritizing certain messages or creative, and how the audiences within each platform evolve.”

Now, after many years of close collaboration, Boriana continues to rely on Voro to bring their expertise to every project at 5IVE. Instead of just delivering numbers or jargon, she trusts them to uncover real, human dynamics and hidden opportunities.

“The team at Voro is so smart in being able to look at data and connect the dots. We love to collaborate with them and always know that they will take our questions seriously and be ready to dive into new industries or audiences in a way we haven’t experienced with others.”

“To me,” says Boriana, “that’s just priceless.”

“I’m looking for strategy and creativity around the digital approach to platforms. That’s why Voro is a trusted partner.”

Boriana Strzok
Founder & CEO, 5IVE Creative Agency


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