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Can ChatGPT improve your marketing? For Voro’s clients, it already is.

When the Star Tribune wondered how ChatGPT is affecting business, they asked the experts at Voro. Here’s what our team had to say.

As a digital marketing agency known for pushing the limits of technology, Voro was one of the first teams tapped by Minnesota’s biggest newspaper to learn how artificial intelligence is impacting the world of advertising.

Voro’s partners, Chris Gauron and Matt O’Laughlin, told the Star Tribune, they’re already using ChatGPT to “‘supercharge’ content creation for clients”. By doing so, they’re reducing the cost of writing the kind of custom content that’s required for optimizing search engine visibility—a task that’s traditionally been time consuming and costly.

“Voro has created an artificial intelligence-assisted, but human-edited, process that increases speed at the same time it lowers cost. Gauron likens it to an artisan bakery becoming a full bread factory,” the paper reported.

As Chris and Matt emphasize with their clients, ChatGPT is a tool and, like any tool, it requires smart people to use it well. They’re helping their clients make the most of artificial intelligence, and they’re prepared to adapt as the technology evolves.

“We are supportive of having conversations that lead to making technology, like ChatGPT, work for the humans it aims to serve.”

Chris Gauron, Partner / Founder / Voro

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