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The Village Company

Meet the marketer who’s helping to grow Mr. Bubble—and the agency she trusts

When Shopify sales were down across The Village Company’s consumer brands, Allison Peters called in Voro to help. Within six months, their collaborative efforts had helped to increase sales by 184%. 

See how Voro did it—and why Allison trusts them.

In the summer of 2022, Allison Peters sat down with her team at The Village Company to figure out how to bounce back from a slow start to the year on Shopify. 

They’d just launched a refreshed e-commerce site that wasn’t yet gaining traction and Shopify sales were down 50% across their five consumer brands, including the legacy Mr. Bubble products—even though the brand was experiencing strong growth in brick-and-mortar stores and other online channels.

“To make that up in the second half of the year was going to be a big undertaking,” says Allison, who’s the associate director of marketing for The Village Company. “We didn’t know if we were going to be able to do it, but we had to try.”

So they called in Voro.

Voro, a digital marketing agency that’s known for smart strategy with a uniquely human twist, listened to Allison’s goals, got to know her brands, and helped her and her team optimize their digital ads, including video, social, catalog, carousel, and Google ads.

Sales started climbing, and by the middle of the holiday season, The Village Company had sold out of almost everything.

“We saw record sales for the time period,” says Allison. “It kind of blew us away.”

“We have a focus on driving sales and Voro is really good at making that happen.”

Allison Peters
Sr. Marketing Manager
The Village Company

What made the difference?

Allison and her team had already been running successful marketing for their brands, but they knew there was room for improvement. They needed a partner that could help them continually review and optimize their programs— “something we didn’t have the bandwidth to do internally,” says Allison.

“We have a fairly small (but mighty!) marketing team, and we were in search of an agency that truly knew the programs like the back of their hands,” says Allison. “We were running search and social programs, but not as efficiently as we wanted to. We also knew there were more opportunities within those areas that we wanted to explore and implement as well.”

“Voro came in and quickly took the programs under their wing,” she says. “They had them running optimally in no time, and they highlighted some new opportunities as well. We saw the positive change almost immediately.”

“Our goals are their goals.”

Allison appreciates that Voro doesn’t set her campaigns on auto-pilot and call it good. She’s impressed with the ideas—and energy—they bring to the table.

“Every time we meet, they come with so much excitement,” she says. “Our goals have become their goals and if we’re not meeting them, they’re going to do everything in their power to fix that.”

She says they’re also very proactive. “They closely review results and, rather than leave well enough alone, they’ll come to the table with ways to pivot our efforts and dollars towards initiatives that will help us better reach our sales goals.”

“They make me look good.”

Lately Voro is helping Allison build Mr. Bubble’s presence across all of their digital and social channels, most recently with video ads on YouTube, where the iconic brand is targeting parents, many of whom remember the bubble brand from their own childhoods.

“Together, we’ve been able to turn things around, which has ultimately put a positive light on the marketing team,” says Allison. “They’re helping us grow our programs with an emphasis on driving awareness and growing sales. I thank Voro for playing such a significant role in our success.”


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