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Four reasons you need a Google Premier Partner

Google again selected Voro to be a Google Premier Partner—putting Voro in the top 3% of all partner agencies. Here’s what that means for you.

If you want your marketing dollars to accomplish the most for you, it’s important to choose a smart digital marketing agency. How can you be sure you find the right experts?

Start by looking for an agency Google has designated as a “Premier Partner”.

What’s a Google Premier Partner and why does it matter?

Google only awards this certification to three percent of their partner agencies—so when you see it, you’ll know you’ve found an agency that can deliver results. Google selects its top agency partners based on their proven track record of driving growth for clients.

“We’re proud that Google thinks we do great work. We’re even more proud that our clients do.”

Matt O’Laughlin
Partner/COO, Voro

Here are four reasons working with a Google Premier Partner—like Voro — can help you reach your goals:

1. They’re the top experts on Google.
Perhaps that’s obvious—but here’s what that means for you: A Google Premier Partner knows how to get the most out of the Google Ads platform. They’re on top of any changes Google makes to its platform (which happens often), they’re tuned in to any trends that may impact campaigns, they know how to work the system to achieve results, and they have delivered proven results across a range of clients.

2. They have more tools in their toolbox.
Google provides exclusive power tools to its Premier Partners that other agencies won’t have, including early access to new Google products and beta programs that can be used to put you ahead of your competition.

3. They get direct insights from the Google team.
When you work with a Google Premier Partner, you’ve got a team that’s directly tapped into Google’s support network. They have dedicated Google connections who can provide answers, insights, and strategic collaboration on how to improve your campaigns.

4. They’re better equipped to optimize performance.
Because a Premier Partner has access to more advanced tools for tracking performance, they’re better able to see what’s working and what’s not in your campaigns, so they can quickly adjust and optimize to improve your results.

The team at Voro has been recognized two years in a row as a Google Premier Partner. Even more importantly, they’re consistently recommended by their clients for bringing a more human, more strategic perspective to their work.

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