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Success Story: Bissell

Remarketing During the Holidays

Client Overview

Bissell is a household cleaning equipment and solutions manufacturing company

Rank Crankers was tasked with re-engaging and converting existing customers and past website visitors in order to increase sales during the holiday season.


  • Paid Media

Client Segments:

  • Ecommerce
  • Retail

Project Goal

Increase revenue and sales while maintaining a specific ROAS goal


Limited Access: We had to rely on the client to create any audience that utilized previous purchaser’s data. As such, the audiences were not created consistently, nor broadly to expand the scope of these tests.

Potential Overlap: We attempted to minimize overlap between audience lists, however a customer could fall into more than one audience segment such as actions on site, products purchased, and time since they were on the site.

Timing: Ensuring that the budget and bids were optimized efficiently throughout the peak season required making regular adjustments throughout the holidays. This resulted in numerous changes over the course of a short period of time which could have positively or negatively impacted performance and results for the client.

Our Approach

Identify Audience Segments: By segmenting audiences based on previous actions and adjusting bids, we were able to drive sales at a higher efficiency.

Targeting RLSA: We focused on customers who visited the website, but did not convert and also created a single non-brand campaign specifically targeting customers who had not converted and were searching for generic product terms. We also added audiences to existing campaigns to increase and decrease bids while they were searching for top keywords.

Targeting CRM: We reviewed top selling products to find opportunities to segment previous purchasers into audience lists.

Testing: We implemented a test-and-learn strategy throughout the year so that the most opportune adjustments were in place during peak seasonal months.

Valuable Insights: We provided thoughtful analysis, insights, and new audience opportunities to target.

Results & Insights

RLSA Performance Result:
Conversion Rate Comparison

RLSA performance bar graph

During the 2018 peak holiday season, previous website visitors saw a 27% higher conversion rate than the account average. ROAS was 13% higher when targeting previous visitors, while the CPA remained consistent.

Previous website visitors accounted for the highest revenue (28%) than any audience during the 2018 holiday season. Expanding RLSA lists by segmenting previous website visitors by their behavior proved to be the greatest opportunity to increase revenue in the account.

CRM Performance Results: CTR Efficiency

During the 2018 peak holiday season, CRM lists saw a 70% higher CTR, and 37% lower CPC than the account average. ROAS was 12% higher when targeting CRM audiences, while the CPA was 35% lower.

Audience size accounted for less than 1% of all impressions and clicks generated during this time, making it difficult to scale success.

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