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Success Story: Tennant

Improving Process, Automation, and Efficiency with SA360

Client Overview

Tennant Company is a world-leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor commercial cleaning machines

The purpose of this project was to smoothly transition Tennant’s search management platform from Marin to SA360 in order to efficiently manage their accounts while providing more strategy.


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  • Paid Media

Client Segments:

  • B2B

Project Goal

Increase account efficiency

Analytics dashboard screen


Different Time Zones and Currencies: Although SA360 shows you accurate date and time data even with varying time zones, there is a slight growing period in understanding them. We were unaware that SA360 automatically converts all currencies into USD which caused minor hiccups with budgeting. Once we realized this, it helped us manage our account more efficiently.

Minimal Syncing: The interface only auto syncs once a day. We were not familiar with the syncing process, which caused confusion when we did not see changes reflected in SA360 that were made in the publisher. That said, all changes in SA360 are automatically reflected in the publishers. Although it only auto syncs once a day, the interface can be manually synced at any time.

Bidding Strategy Optimization: SA360’s machine learning optimizes its bid strategies four times a day, rather than using real-time data at each auction, like Google Ads. SA360 is currently working on adding this feature by the end of 2019.

Opportunities – why SA360?

As a strategic consultant, we’re always looking for opportunities to improve processes for our clients. Making the transition from Marin to SA360 was a recommendation with many benefits:

  • More Features than Marin: Marin does not support Google Smart Campaigns or new ad formats rolled out by Bing and Google, like the new Expanded Text Ad and Responsive Search Ad.
  • Compatible With Google: SA360 is a Google product, this provides confidence in its ability to perform, as well as similar functionality.
  • Adobe Integration: SA360 allows Adobe data to be pulled into the interface, enabling us to optimize and pace toward Tennant’s conversion source of truth.
  • Bid Strategies: SA360 uses machine learning to optimize spend towards a variety of performance metrics, like best position, highest number of clicks or conversions, or greatest amount of revenue. In addition, these bid strategies can be applied across multiple platforms.
  • Saving Time: SA360 allows all performance metrics across multiple platforms to be viewed at once, which has allowed us to view Analytics, Adobe, Google and Bing all in one platform. With this holistic view, we are able to conduct optimizations across multiple platforms at the same time, in the same place.

Our approach to the transition

Integrate Adobe: We pulled in Adobe data to gain an accurate understanding of efficiency based on their source of truth.

Automate Rules: We created automated rules to flag low performing keywords in the accounts on a weekly basis.

Manage Languages, Time Zones, and Currencies: With Tennant being an international company, we are able to manage the nuances of each region seamlessly through Search Ads 360. Despite multiple currencies, SA360 converts it all to one currency so that we are able to easily manage the account from a big picture point of view.

Optimize with a Holistic View: With all of our performance metrics in one view, we used SA360 to conduct regular optimizations at a larger scale. This not only saved time, but allowed us to gain a more holistic view of our optimizations and provide even more confidence in our recommendations.

Results & Insights

We increased traffic and conversion efficiency in North America, helping to combat an increase in CPC.

We also increased traffic and conversion efficiency in the Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific accounts.

What did we learn?

Through automation we were able to utilize bidding strategies and keyword rules to ensure that optimizations are always happening. We were also able to effectively manage campaigns with different languages, currencies, and time zones.

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