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Success Story: RAYUS Radiology

Uncovering the Full Value of Pay-Per-Click Call Tracking

Client Overview

RAYUS Radiology provides medical imaging solutions throughout the U.S.

Today, they operate one of the nation’s largest provider networks for diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology and mobile imaging services.

Traditionally a call-for-appointment business, RAYUS Radiology’s core KPI for marketing initiatives is phone calls. Without a call tracking solution we knew we were only attributing a portion of the total phone calls for which paid search traffic could take responsibility. With an inexpensive and flexible option at our fingertips, we set out to uncover the complete attribution of phone calls from paid search.


  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Paid Media

Client Segments:

  • Health Care

Project Goal

Develop more meaningful Paid Search measurement through call tracking


Cleaning up nearly every page of content in order to create a single phone number along with a clear and concise call to action was no small undertaking.

Once the templates were cleaned up, we worked with the development team to create a code block within RAYUS Radiology’s custom CMS – one code block for each market. In total, we created 20 code blocks for the twenty existing markets that were running paid search. The QA process to confirm that calls from the website were tracking was the final hurdle following the code block development.


  • With uncertainty around how to evaluate paid search site visits, a call tracking solution would provide a complete picture of ROI for a traditionally call-for-appointment business
  • Google’s Website Call Conversions tool provided an inexpensive and scalable solution to implement in order to track all AdWords call activity
  • Reestablish site content template consistency across RAYUS Radiology’s market pages

Our Approach

  • We needed to identify and implement a call tracking solution that would scale across regional markets as well as be flexible with site content templates
  • Streamlined call-to-actions across all site content templates, improving visual consistency throughout

Results & Insights

The new patients from paid search generated a 1,699% return on ad spend.

In the first month of tracking calls via website call conversions, paid search drove 59 calls in the Twin Cities market. The new patients from paid search generated a 1,699% return on ad spend. 5% of total market call volume that was previously unattributed, was re-assigned to paid search. Through the implementation of Website Call Conversions and Call Extensions, we were finally able to confirm our suspicions and provide real data to support the continuation of paid search investment.

RAYUS Radiology has found Google’s solution to be extremely easy to maintain and not nearly as cumbersome as a previous call tracking solution. RAYUS Radiology now has more visual consistency and clear calls-to-action across hundreds of pages on their website.

We didn’t have valuable measurement until we added Website Call Conversions. The product has given us access to data we had never before seen for our most important KPI: phone calls.

Amy Schneider, Digital Marketing Manager

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