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Voro drove record sales for Keen – almost overnight.

Juan Jaramillo
Director of User Acquisition / Keen

When Keen switched to a new digital agency, they expected slow sales during the transition. Instead, Voro boosted performance within weeks and drove Keen’s highest sales ever after just three months.

When you’re an internet startup that’s survived two recessions and the dot-com bust to become the largest psychic network in the world, you might assume your digital marketing is already working hard enough. But last year, under new leadership, Keen took a hard look at their digital agency and realized they weren’t getting the results they believed were possible.

“Our existing agency was just not able to scale over time, and there wasn’t really any management of the account that I saw happening,” says Juan Jaramillo, director of user acquisition at Keen. “We were paying a lot and not getting anything out of it. Once I was able to see that, the conversation became, ‘How do we transition from here?’”

After looking at their options, Keen decided to switch their digital marketing to Voro. Juan and his team sensed that Voro would live up to their reputation as “a digital agency you can trust”. And, he says, they were right.

It was a risk.

It’s a bold move to move millions of dollars in advertising to a new partner, even after a thorough vetting process. Without solid planning and a skilled team, things can go awry. But Juan made it clear to Voro: He didn’t want their ads to go down for even one hour.

“Obviously, we don’t want to switch agencies and have the performance decrease. But what we found was the opposite.”

To make sure they could deliver, Voro started preparing a few weeks before officially starting Keen’s marketing.

“Our first step was to make sure we had the deepest technical understanding possible of their account,” says Anthony Perez, a senior paid media manager at Voro. “We connected all of their accounts and had a plan in place before we ever took over.”

Juan says Voro helped him feel confident about the transition. “They were really helpful in being proactive about identifying where the possible breaks could happen and providing recommendations to make sure that the transition was seamless.”

Based on his past experience, Juan assumed they’d have to wait a few months to see any kind of payoff from a new agency. Instead, Voro was improving results within weeks.

“The performance actually improved.”

Based on his past experience, Juan assumed they’d have to wait a few months to see any kind of payoff from a new agency. Instead, Voro was improving results within weeks.

“We were hoping for a flat month, instead, they improved the performance on a month that was supposed to be transition.”

Juan was surprised. “Most agencies need a benchmarking and learning month, but Voro found opportunities to make things better within that first month. And it’s just been the same every single month after that—they keep coming back with different recommendations.”

A clear strategy made onboarding smooth

“Our previous agencies just didn’t have a way to structure the account to follow best practices,” says Juan. “And that’s one of the first things Voro provided for us: a very clear, easy-to-understand spreadsheet on their strategy, with their vision for where the account could go and how it needs to be restructured.”

Within a week, Juan was able to approve a whole new account structure.

He says, “They provided a great strategy and reasonable expectations of when things would be ready to be implemented, so I could know what’s coming up in the next few months and be able to communicate that to the C-staff.”

“The entire company knows about Voro being able to deliver the best numbers our company has ever had.”

The C-suite is impressed.

At this point, everyone who works at Keen has heard about Voro and the record-breaking results they’re delivering. After just three months of managing Keen’s digital advertising, Voro delivered the best results the company has seen in 20 years of business.

“It’s really fun for me to be able to say ‘highest number of sales’ to the leadership team every single month,” says Juan.

As for the team at Voro, the secret to achieving such a smooth transition and fast results is an all-hands-on-deck approach. They’re passionate about sweating the small stuff, maximizing results, and improving performance day after day.

“We quickly discovered the gaps their previous agency wasn’t filling, which is one reason we were able to achieve such fast results,” says Anthony. “And we’re confident we can keep improving Keen’s performance moving forward.”

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