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Would you trust your digital agency with 20 times the media budget overnight? Voro’s client did. (And it paid off.)

When one of their competitors folded overnight, this brand wanted to launch a high-stakes campaign to win new business. See how Voro helped them blow past their sales goals.

One Saturday morning, Charley Gray, the senior paid media manager at Voro, a digital marketing agency that’s known for smart strategy and good people, got a call from a longtime client. This was unusual—they didn’t typically talk on the weekends—and the caller apologized before even making their request:

One of their competitors had folded, and they needed to act fast to win over market share. Could Voro start a new campaign for them? Immediately?

There was no time to wait

The brand wanted to launch a promotion in the next few days—with ten times the ad spend they’d typically invest in a month with Voro (an instant jump from $25,000 to $250,000).

And their goals were lofty. They were offering customers “some pretty aggressive” pricing, but people had to actually visit a brick-and-mortar location to qualify for the promotion.

They told Voro their sales goal—the number was huge—but they were confident Voro could make it happen. Sure enough, within 10 days of launching their campaign, Voro was driving so many sales that their client doubled their media budget to $500,000, wanting to continue pushing more sales.

Within 10 days of launching their campaign, Voro was driving so many sales that their client doubled their media budget to $500,000.

A smart strategy based on experience

We started with the core channels that we knew had worked for them in the past, like Google Search and Google Discovery,” says Charley, “and then we tested some new channels that we believed would help them meet their goals, like Microsoft Search, Google Display, Facebook, Instagram, and Performance Max.” 

Performance Max was a strategy Voro had been wanting to test with this client for a while, and it turned out to be pivotal.

“In order to get the discounted pricing, customers had to go into a physical store, which is why we launched Performance Max,” says Charley. “The stores we put within that campaign saw a ton of results—all their Google Business Profile locations saw a lot more actions being taken, a lot more views and searches.”

They didn’t just meet their sales goal. They blew past it. 

Within four weeks of launching the digital campaign (and with no other marketing running to support this promotion), Voro’s client exceeded their sales goal by 60%. In fact, sales from new customers alone were higher than their total original goal. 

“They were thrilled,” says Charley. “We knew what audience targeting had worked well in the past for this brand, and across which channels, so it was easy for us to take the learnings from other campaigns and apply that to this one. That’s how we were able to have everything prepared within a couple days and ready to launch.”

It’s a story of trust. 

Not many brands trust their digital marketing agency enough to give them 20 times the ad spend practically overnight, in a high-stakes, highly competitive campaign. For Voro’s clients, this is not an uncommon decision, and for this particular client, it was an easy one.

“They trust us a lot,” says Charley. “They know we won’t just throw formulas at their challenges. Our team will sit down and hash out the best strategy for their specific needs. And we’ll be genuine and honest with them about what’s working and what’s not.”

“I know they’ve worked with other agencies in the past that have just reported on how many impressions they got and then chalk every success up to that,” says Charley.  “Our client appreciates that we report on every angle of their campaigns, and we’re always trying to prove back the results. We want to know, for example, was it our marketing that drove results? Or was there another factor in the mix?”

Want to work with a digital agency you can trust?

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