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December 18, 2019

Community Connections + Local Impact

Voro Expands Giving Program

So much of Voro’s work occurs in the digital space, so it’s important to take a moment to purposefully engage with the physical community around us. To us this means everything from connecting at local events and volunteering with local charities to choosing catering options that better represent the community we all live in.

This month, Voro’s community giving program topped $50,000 in donations to local charities, and we’ve slated $24,000 in additional giving in 2020. Our Community Committee is also hard at work zeroing in on concepts like commitment to community and real connections with our colleagues.

We’ve also created opportunities and non-billable time for our staff to participate at organized charitable and cause related volunteering events. This year, we’ll allocate 328 hours of dedicated time to community involvement, 120 hours for planning and community outings and an additional 200 hours for team bonding events.