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February 7, 2023

Notable Business Leaders win

A big thank you to Twin Cities Business for including us in their annual recognition – just out – of the most Notable Leaders in Marketing in the Twin Cities area. Chris was awarded the honor along with execs from Thrivent, Sleep Number, Twin Cities’ PBS and Allianz Life, among others. Beyond business growth, TCB called out Voro’s focus on people-centric workplace practices: things like our sabbaticals policy, investment in people, and professional development. On the heels of the article running we caught up with Chris to get his take.

Q: How’s it feel to be a notable marketing leader?
There are a lot of great heads of companies and execs in the Twin Cities doing amazing things with their organizations, so it’s, of course, nice to be recognized among inspiring peers. But you can only be a good leader if you have all of the other pieces of the success puzzle in place. Talented and committed teams who really show up for each other. Smart clients who give us their trust and partnership to do our best work for them. And colleagues who have the ability to step up and drive positive outcomes, especially when the inevitable mistake happens.

Q: What’s the most important thing about this kind of recognition?
I really think – and our entire leadership team does too – that success and recognition should be for the right reasons. Yes, it’s great to grow your business because that means we can invest in the right things: a supportive work environment, professional development, and it means security for our employees. But it’s really rewarding to know that the things we now take for granted – sabbaticals, generous PTO, paid overtime, and continuous learning and growth – are being valued and recognized by the broader marketing community. We’ve worked in the industry a long time, and these things just didn’t exist in agencies for the longest time.

Q: What’s next?
Back to work! We’ve got a busy 2023 plan underway for our clients and our people.