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June 8, 2023

Meet Ad Catalyst, a New Service Offering for AI-Powered Performance Creative and Testing

Announcing Ad Catalyst, a new service offering at Voro. Ad Catalyst is a creative test and learn practice within our Paid Media department, designed to drive better campaign performance through optimized ad creative and landing page testing. User privacy is imperative to a good experience and as users gain more rights to their data, there are now laws placing greater restrictions on what data marketers can leverage to drive campaign performance. Ad Catalyst focuses our team on creative visual and message-testing rhythms to guarantee performance.

“This is an important step for Voro and our clients,” said Chris Gauron, CEO of Voro. “When 70% of the effectiveness of any given campaign’s performance comes down to visuals and messaging, brands need to test and learn exactly what makes the most meaningful connections and drives positive engagement and ROI. Our new Ad Catalyst team of writers, designers and animators leverage AI while working alongside our paid media strategists so that even the most nuanced edits and adjustments can drive performance and learning.”

Ad Catalyst covers three key areas for clients: 

  1. Planning – goal setting alongside a learning agenda for the program.
  2. Creative Design – including the development of messaging and assets for paid digital channels and engaging landing pages.
  3. Sprints – series of test and learn executions guided by the learning agenda. 

Ad Catalyst is designed to meet best practices for every platform, adhere to industry constraints, deliver cohesive experiences across channels, and in doing so, exceed industry benchmarks for engagement and drive ROI. 

Supported platforms include: paid social; display and video; OTT & CTV; audio and voice services and mobile apps. 

Campaign creative assets are produced in concert with a learning agenda and include high-impact visuals, strategic messaging, animation, and video for optimal engagement. The campaign is then deployed over a series of four-week sprints, where performance is measured, analyzed, and reported, before repeating the process. 

The Ad Catalyst team is also smartly integrating the use of AI tools into our process. By leveraging a large language model, we are able to quickly generate templates for documentation, workflow, and databases – all of which enable our team to spend less time planning for the work and more time doing the work. Our creative process may also use Magician and other Figma plugins and tools to generate imagery as a starting point for our team of creative humans to build upon, and ChatGPT to manage simple copy requests allowing our team to focus time on more complex copywriting challenges.

“Whatever process or technology we employ we’re focused on better performance and speed to market. Success means speed and agility and that will come down to better-performing ads and engaging landing page experiences, both of which are fuelled by fast-turn creative paired with an ability to achieve far greater velocity testing of those creative visuals, messaging, and execution,” says Brittany Baker, Paid Media Director at Voro. “That’s what Ad Catalyst is about.”

To find out more on Ad Catalyst services for your brand or business book a custom Ad Catalyst consult today.