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February 21, 2023

Minneapolis-based Voro Recognized as 2023 Google Premier Partner

We don’t often talk about our achievements but occasionally we can’t help sharing news that makes us very proud. Proud because it’s a real recognition of the incredible work our people bring to their desks and client challenges every day.

So we are thrilled to announce Voro has been recognized as a Google Premier Partner in 2022 and 2023, one of less than 200 agencies in the United States. That’s incredible when you consider, that puts the work we do for our clients and the way we do it in the top 3% of the approximately 6,000 firms in the country. Beyond the honor and award, this means that our client teams now get more access to Premier Partner consumer insights reports and product betas from Google as well as advanced Google Ads support, dedicated account support and access to invite-only executive experiences.

A big thank you to everyone on the team at Voro, our client partners and of course Google for the recognition. 

About Google Premier Partner 

Google Premier Partner is a designation by Google that recognizes digital marketing agencies or technology companies that meet Google’s highest standards for delivering quality advertising and marketing services to clients on the Google Ads platform. Companies that are Google Premier Partners have demonstrated a high level of expertise and performance in delivering successful advertising campaigns using Google’s tools and technology.

Four reasons you should hire a Google Premier Partner

  1. Expertise – Your partner will have an advanced understanding of the Google Ads platform and the latest industry trends and best practices having demonstrated their expertise by passing rigorous certification tests and delivering successful campaigns for their clients.
  2. Access to Tools – You will have access to exclusive tools and features, such as beta programs and early access to new products, which can give them an advantage in delivering innovative and effective campaigns.
  3. Dedicated Support – Top-tier Premier Partner agencies (like Voro) have dedicated teams of Google Ads specialists for support and guidance, helping ensure that their clients receive the best possible results from their campaigns.
  4. Performance – Premier Partners use advanced performance tracking and reporting tools to measure the success of their client’s campaigns, and use this information to continuously optimize and improve their results.