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Power BI for Intelligent Business

Information you need, when you need it

While most companies say they understand the value of data (84%), less than half (43%) fail to routinely use data to guide business decisions. Desktop, cloud, and mobile solutions make reporting available when you need it, where you need it. Transform your business-critical data into highly interactive visual dashboards with the leading business intelligence platform, Power BI.

Improve reporting time by 50+%

  • Automate your reporting process
  • Reduce time spent on data consolidation and reporting creation
  • On-demand multi-device access
  • Enterprise security features
  • Strong investment by Microsoft
  • Large user base and support community

Solutions as unique as your business

Leverage a strong, experienced team to reduce the cost and complexities of building a unique, enterprise solution. Build a solution with your data, and your business in mind for insights that align with real-life actionable measurement.

  • Data Accuracy & Cleanliness
  • Data Strategy & Planning
  • Data Warehousing (MySQL & SQL)
  • Data Analysis & Reporting (Alteryx & Excel)
  • Visualization (Power BI & Google Data Studio)

A suite of solutions

Customized technology solutions can oftentimes be a costly investment that yields a return over time. By leveraging existing data integrations with many top data and technology companies, the payback and value to your business is almost immediate.

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Custom Power BI examples

Custom power BI dashboard examples
Custom power BI dashboard examples

A few companies we work with

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