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Power BI for Intelligent Business

Propel your marketing with data-driven solutions

While most companies say they understand the value of data (84%), less than half (43%) routinely use data to guide business decisions. Data-centric strategies and tools provide marketing organizations with a differentiated competitive advantage through deep website, marketing channel, and customer insights.

Power BI is a powerful visualization tool that supports these insights and accelerates your marketing efforts by transforming your marketing data into highly actionable interactive dashboards.

Improve reporting time by 50+%

  • Automate your reporting process
  • Reduce time spent on data consolidation and reporting creation
  • Action on insights quicker
  • Filter your data with dynamic dashboards
  • On-demand multi-device access

Designed & developed by marketing experts

Our solutions are designed with marketing front and center (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.), but it’s not limited like a traditional marketing tool. Leverage deep capabilities around data collection, storage, and visualization and begin comparing and analyzing data across a diverse number of marketing sources in no time. Spend less time wading through data and more time developing actionable strategies that drive your business forward.

  • Paid & Organic Search Co-Optimization
  • Geolocation Forecasting
  • Marketing Channel Management
  • Paid Media Budget Management

A suite of solutions

Customized technology solutions can oftentimes be a costly investment that yields a return over time. By leveraging existing data integrations with many top media and research companies the payback and value to your business is almost immediate.

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Custom Power BI examples

Custom power BI dashboard examples
Custom power BI dashboard examples

A few companies we work with

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