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Success Story: Growing Generations

Achieving Paid Media Growth Through Analytics

Client Overview

Growing Generations, a World-Class Surrogacy & Egg Donation Agency

Recognized as one of the best of its kind, Growing Generations is a full-service surrogacy and egg donation agency with over 20 years of experience.

What was asked of Voro?

SEM engagement to expand Growing Generations’ digital presence and maximize the number of leads on their website from three distinct audiences: egg donors, surrogates, and intended parents.


  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Paid Media

Client Segments:

  • Medical

Project Goal

Resolve implementation issues preventing Growing Generations from Google Analytics as a source of truth to accurately measure the success of digital marketing efforts led by Voro.


  • Due to Growing Generation’s past issues with Google Analytics, they had stopped using the platform leaving no historical baseline for performance.
  • In addition, given that Google Analytics had not been regularly used before, conversion tracking was not a main consideration in site development.
  • As a result, creative and unconventional solutions were needed to work around a site that was not built with analytics in mind.

Our Approach

Communicating: First step was to communicate with the client to determine the most meaningful customer actions and their goals for digital marketing, in order to best understand how to track these valuable actions.

Tracking: The previous tracking implementation was tracking meaningless actions, had incorrect conversion data, and inconsistent installation. We opted to start from scratch, updating their analytics implementation so it was set to measure the actions we identified together as being most valuable.

Rebuilding Trust: Next to restore the client’s belief in a platform they had lost trust in, we subjected Google Analytics to a battery of tests – repeatingly simulating the path that an egg donor, surrogate, and intended parent go through when applying, in order to ensure that triggers were firing appropriately, and that all data was accurate and consistent with data in the client’s CRM.

Monitoring: Then, we focused on keeping a watchful eye on performance, coordinating audits to investigate any possible issue that could arise, all while dealing with a fast-paced schedule of search optimizations and site updates.

Executing: Lastly, we developed a process to ensure that this new standard of tracking was maintained whenever introducing or changing any platforms, tactics, pages, or conversion actions, all so that Google Analytics could remain the client’s source of truth.

Results & Insights

With analytics reconfigured to accurately track the most meaningful metrics, conversions increased by 63% while cost per lead decreased by 59%. This allowed Growing Generations to drive more leads, while spending 33% less.

What did we learn?

With Google Analytics as an accurate measure of performance, Growing Generations was free to focus on content creation and community engagement while Voro continued to drive forward digital strategy and success in paid media

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