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Case Study: RAYUS Radiology

Improving SEO Visibility

Client Overview

RAYUS Radiology provides medical imaging solutions throughout the U.S.

Today, they operate one of the nation’s largest provider networks for diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology and mobile imaging services.

RAYUS Radiology chose Voro as their SEO partner, tasked with improving organic search visibility. First, we set out to understand and identify search queries patients utilize when circumstances require medical imaging. We utilized those learnings to deliver site optimizations and content opportunities for RAYUS Radiology to improve visibility of existing content and fill in gaps where valuable content previously did not exist.


  • Strategic SEO

Client Segments:

  • Health Care

Project Goal

Improve organic search visibility


There is competition for SERP visibility. Search engines have numerous options for medical condition information. Each RAYUS Radiology market has multiple medical imaging providers competing for top results.

Limited client resources for the implementation of SEO recommendations. Additionally, there are ongoing site updates and enhancements RAYUS Radiology and their 3rd party partners are focused on that don’t have a strong SEO voice present.


  • Build on the success of RAYUS Radiology’s recent investment in a new website
  • Develop an ongoing engagement to ensure existing content is optimized regularly
  • Leverage existing site content to improve search engine visibility and increase rankings
  • Develop new site content to connect with prospective patients across key search queries

Our Approach

  • We performed an in depth search query analysis to understand how people choose a medical imaging provider. We focused on understanding how our audience searches based on key patient needs: location, imaging technology, patient experience, imaging facilities and the accuracy of their imaging results.
  • Based on our research, we identified opportunities to optimize existing site content.
  • We delivered local SEO recommendations for geo-specific query visibility improvements.
  • We provided strategic future-focused technical SEO updates which included generating prioritized but flexible tasks and recommended enhancements throughout the site.
  • Provided day-to-day SEO advocacy including communicating tactics, sharing research and any other in-the-moment needs.

Results & Insights

Since we began with RAYUS Radiology in 2014, our results speak for themselves.

Ranking keywords year over year

Keyword ranking bar graph

Improved organic rankings have generated significant traffic increases.

Web traffic results figure

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